What Are the Various Types of Brain Injuries?

Posted on : December 19, 2018
Texas Brain Injury Lawyer, Bevel Gould

Being hurt in a catastrophic accident is an unfortunate experience regardless of how it happened.

You need to be screened for potential brain injuries as soon as possible.

Often, brain injuries are difficult to detect and can only be diagnosed by an experienced physician in a treatment facility. Every brain injury is unique but unfortunately, more people have been reporting this, concussions and other forms of brain injuries as a result of a motor vehicle accident. One common type of brain injury is a concussion. Whiplash can lead to the same difficulties as a reported head injury.

Concussions can brain injuries by a violent shaking of the head or a whiplash type injury that occurs in an automobile accident. A person may or may not experience the loss of consciousness, may feel dazed and concussion might not be detected on a diagnostic imaging test. It can take anywhere from a few months to a few years to heal.

A contusion brain injury, however, refers to an injury sustained as a direct result of impact to the head. This is bleeding on the brain and large contusions may require surgical removal. A penetrating injury usually occurs when a sharp object enters the skull. A diffused axonal injury brain injuries by a strong rotation or shaking of the head.

The injury occurs when the unmoving brain lags behind the skull’s movement, causing the structures of the brain to tear. Functional impairments can impede a person’s ability to recover from a diffused axonal injury. An acquired brain injury is one typically associated with degenerative diseases, strokes, tumors, hypoxia, and toxins that are not necessarily caused by an external force. Getting an appropriate diagnosis of your brain injury can put you on the path to healing and recovery.

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