What Does A Victim Need to Know About Insurance Adjustor Request for Medical Records?

Posted on : January 13, 2019

Being hurt in an accident might lead you to assume that everyone else involved in your personal injury claim will understand your perspective and work towards an outcome that is best for you. Unfortunately, however, an insurance adjustor’s bottom line is to protect the money earned or saved by the insurance carrier and not with your best interests.

This means that it can be difficult to figure out whether or not you should allow an insurance adjustor to receive your medical records. Your insurance adjuster will want to ask for any documentation associated with your medical treatment and your injuries. Sometimes you might also be asked to undergo an independent medical examination. While you have likely sent all relevant copies of your medical records with your personal injury demand letter submitted shortly after the accident, additional records that you may not have provided can be requested by the adjuster. It is up to you and your personal injury lawyer to identify whether or not the request is reasonable.

If the insurance company is willing to pay for the records and you believe that the request is reasonable, you can provide them with the details on how to obtain it. However, if you believe that the records being requested are not relevant or that the insurance adjuster is attempting to get hold of any information that could be used against you, you need to share these concerns with your personal injury attorney.

This is why it is a good idea to never represent yourself in a claim like this since the outcome of your case is so important and could have significant implications for your ability to heal and move on post-accident. If an insurance adjuster is simply trying to snoop and gather as much information as possible that might be used against you, you need to understand how to proceed with a claim like this and how to fight for your rights.


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