What Should You Do After Getting Into a Ridesharing Collision?

Posted on : July 30, 2019

Don’t wait until you get into a ridesharing accident to figure out what you need to do.

Be prepared if you do get into a ridesharing accident by knowing ahead of time what steps you should take after a collision caused by a ridesharing driver. Here’s what you need to do on the scene and immediately after the crash.

If Anyone Is Hurt, Dial 911

As soon as you are able to after the accident, check yourself and anyone in your vehicle for injuries. If you can, find out if anyone in the other vehicle may be injured — if so, call for an ambulance. Let emergency responders know where you are and stay on the phone to follow any instructions they have.

Take Photos of the Accident

To accurately determine fault after any car accident, reconstructionists must use all available evidence to figure out where the vehicles were, how fast they were going, and how the accident likely occurred. If you’re able to take photos of the accident before the vehicles are moved, this can be extremely helpful for accident reconstructionists to use to recreate the collision.

Get Insurance and Contact Information

Don’t leave the scene of the accident without getting the contact and insurance information of the ridesharing driver. Be sure to get phone numbers, insurance policy numbers, and any other important data.

Ask Witnesses to Speak to Police

Eyewitness accounts are often a “smoking gun” in ridesharing accident cases. If anyone saw the accident, ask them to tell police what happened from their perspective.

Screenshot Your Ride Receipt

Don’t assume that the ridesharing app will save a copy of your ride receipt to access later. Instead, take a screenshot of your receipt as soon as possible after the collision.

File a Report with the Ridesharing Service

You’ll need to file a report with the ridesharing company you used when you are able to, the sooner the better. Don’t discuss anything but the facts of the accident; avoid making comments about who might be at fault or what might have caused the collision.

Call an Experienced Texas Car Accident Lawyer

Being injured in a ridesharing accident can be devastating. Like other commercial drivers, Uber and Lyft drivers should be held to a higher degree of responsibility on the road. If you were injured in a ridesharing collision caused by a negligent driver, call Bevel | Gould Personal Injury Lawyers today at (214)-580-2555.

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