Man Injures Leg After Slipping & Falling in Wood River Wal-Mart

Posted on : May 4, 2017
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Madison County, IL has seen their share of slip and fall injuries at local Wal-Marts. We previously reported on Randall Faulkner, a patron of the establishment who had slipped and fallen in the lawn and garden area of the store. On the heels of that case comes another. A man by the name of John Coffman slipped and fell on a clear substance and injured his leg.

The Case

Coffman alleges that on January 14, 2016, he visited the Wood River Wal-Mart Supercenter. He slipped and fell in a clear, slippery substance located in a common walkway. He claims to have suffered great injury, medical expenses, and pain. The lawsuit places blame for the incident squarely on Wal-Mart. The suit suggests that they failed to keep the store in a reasonably safe and hazard free condition. Additionally, Coffman’s lawsuit suggests that the store also failed to warn patrons of the potential hazards that existed within the store. Additionally, the lawsuit alleges that Wal-Mart failed to install a non-slip floor.

The plaintiff, Coffman, is seeking damages in excess of $50,000. This is in addition to court costs and any other compensation the court feels is appropriate. The case was filed in the Madison County Circuit Court on March 31, 2017.

Were You Injured in a Slip and Fall?

Slip and fall accidents can result in many severe injuries. Depending on how the fall occurred, the health of the individual that fell, and other factors, injuries from a slip and fall can range from a few bruises or a broken leg to a broken hip, a head injury, or even death.

If you or a loved one are injured in a slip and fall accident, the other side’s insurance company might pressure you to make the incident seem like your fault. Or, they may offer you a low settlement in the hopes you’ll accept it out of immediate need of the funds due to mounting medical bills and other expenses.

It’s crucial that you have an experienced slip and fall attorney who understands the unique laws surrounding these types of cases and can zealously advocate for you in both settlement negotiations and in litigation, if necessary. At Bevel | Gould Personal Injury Lawyers, we have the skills and resources to help you go up against wealthy chain department stores who have large legal teams at their disposal.

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