Slip and Fall Accident Inside a Mall: Who Is Responsible?

Posted on : August 30, 2017
Slip and Fall at the Mall Injuries

No matter where an accident happens, victims often have questions about who is liable for their injuries. Anyone who owns or manages a commercial establishment must be aware of potential slip and fall risks and do everything in their power to minimize injuries. If a hazard was present and someone is seriously injured because of it, the injured person may be eligible to pursue an injury claim. You’ll need an experienced slip and fall lawyer to help you.

Being injured in any commercial establishment raises the question of liability. According to research from the National Retailers’ Federation, there are approximately 70,000 shopping malls throughout the United States. There are a corresponding number of customer injuries inside those malls especially slip and fall accidents. Uneven or cracked pavement in the sidewalks or parking lots, waxed floors in mall areas, step ups into a retail store, spilled food or drink in food courts, pinched floormats, unsecured electrical cords, and wet bathroom floors can all cause slip and fall injuries inside a mall.

Beyond that, a slip, trip and fall accident can happen on an escalator when there are problems such as a broken entry mat, a non-existent demarcation line, non-synced steps or sudden stops. When materials fall from retail shelves, it can injure a person as well. Trampling is a very common injury that can occur inside malls and the injuries associated with mugging and assaults.


Furthermore, the abrasive and sharp edges of poorly maintained shopping carts and a cracked surface on the floor can lead to a slip and fall injury If you have a slip and fall injury, it is important to get medical attention as soon as possible. This is your opportunity to file a legal claim against the responsible party but determining that responsible party is not always easy. You need the help of an experienced slip and fall personal injury lawyer to evaluate who may be accountable for the injuries you have sustained. Filing a legal claim sooner rather than later is strongly recommended. Talking to an attorney right away is vital for protecting your interests.


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