Steinhagen Oil to Move for Summary Judgment in Texas Slip & Fall Case

Posted on : July 7, 2016
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On September 22, 2015, April Griffin filed a lawsuit against Valero Energy for injuries after a slip and fall. Steinhagen Oil was later added as a defendant. On May 5, 2016, the oil company filed a motion for a summary judgment in the Texas slip and fall case.

The Lawsuit

Griffin filed a personal injury lawsuit seeking up to $200,000 in damages for injuries sustained on August 8, 2015 when she slipped and fell next to an ice machine at a Valero Energy gas station, which was owned by Steinhagen Oil. After a customer purchased a significant amount of ice, a puddle formed on the floor next to the machine, the suit stated. Then, the on-duty employee failed to clean up the water or put out a wet floor sign to warn patrons of the potential hazard. The lawsuit states that Steinhagen Oil owed a duty of care to Griffin to ensure their facilities were hazard-free and to warn of any dangers that existed on the premises. Finally, the lawsuit listed damages including medical expenses, impairment, past and future pain, mental anguish, lost wages, and court costs.

The Summary Judgment

On May 5, Steinhagen Oil filed a motion for summary judgment, which alleges that evidence shows that the facility conducted reasonable inspections of the property and that the company was not notified of the spill, nor did they have cause to be aware of it. A summary judgment maintains that there are no more pertinent facts in the case to be disputed, meaning that if the summary judgment is granted, the case is promptly dismissed without trial.

Have You Been Injured in a Slip and Fall?

Slip and fall injuries can be serious and result in hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of medical expenses. The cases can be complex, particularly when a company is unwilling to admit negligence and fault. If you or a loved one have been injured after slipping and falling on property you do not own, you may be eligible to bring forward a claim for compensation.

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