Dealing with An Insurance Adjuster After a Slip and Fall Injury

Posted on : October 21, 2017
Insurance Adjuster for Slip and Fall

It’s nerve-wracking to think about what you should say or shouldn’t say to the insurance adjuster after a slip and fall accident. It is strongly recommended that you think about the job that the insurance adjuster has to do before providing further information to him or her. Consulting with your own slip and fall accident lawyer is a great idea before signing anything or talking to the adjuster. It is not the insurance adjuster’s job to provide you with fair damages for your slip and fall injury. Instead it is the insurance adjuster’s job to protect the insurance company’s bottom line and to pay you as little in damages as you’ll accept for your fall injury.

You need to be aware of what you should say. An insurance adjuster will be looking for every opportunity to twist your words or to get you to admit something that is untrue. For this reason, it’s in your best interest to say as little as possible to the adjuster who contacts you. Some things that you can say includes:

  •       I have no further comment at this time.
  •       I am represented by a lawyer. Please contact him or her.
  •       That was the location and date of my fall.

This will show the insurance company that you may have a potential legal claim on your hands and that you are represented by a counsel, but will not be giving them ambiguous statements that may be twisted and used against you later on. You can avoid the stress of negotiating with the insurance adjuster by retaining an attorney who has a track record in representing those individuals who are hurt in significant slip and fall accidents.

If you recently slipped and fell at a commercial establishment or elsewhere that should have warned you about a hazardous condition, consulting with a knowledgeable slip and fall accident lawyer is your next step to protect your rights. You have many different things to worry about in the wake of an injury, but working with the insurance adjuster should not be one of them. Your lawyer should be at your side for the duration of the legal claim.


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