When Should You Go to the Doctor After a Slip and Fall?

Posted on : May 28, 2019
When should you go to the doctor after a slip and fall accident? Does Texas law limit the time you have to seek medical care or file a personal injury lawsuit? Here’s what you need to know. What Texas Law Says About Slip And Falls Actually, Texas state law has nothing specific to say about [Read More]
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Florida Man Wins $200K After Slip & Fall on Springfield, MO City Property

Posted on : November 3, 2017
Slip and Falls in Springfield, MO
Storm drains can be treacherous to walk on, especially if they’ve been painted or decorated in any way. One Florida man learned exactly this in May 2015 when he slipped on a storm drain mural while visiting Springfield, Missouri. The Case Michael Trask, a resident of Martin County, Florida, was visiting Springfield, Missouri when he [Read More]
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Slip and Fall Accident Inside a Mall: Who Is Responsible?

Posted on : August 30, 2017
Slip and Fall at the Mall Injuries
No matter where an accident happens, victims often have questions about who is liable for their injuries. Anyone who owns or manages a commercial establishment must be aware of potential slip and fall risks and do everything in their power to minimize injuries. If a hazard was present and someone is seriously injured because of [Read More]
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Southeast Texas Man Sues Baptist Hospitals for $1M After Slip & Fall

Posted on : August 28, 2017
Slip and Fall Injury at hospital
Hospitals can be dangerous for patients as well as visitors. One Texas man learned that in September 2014 while visiting a relative at Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas. The man, injured in a slip and fall accident, incurred serious injuries. He is bringing a lawsuit against Baptist Hospitals for $1 million. Here are the facts [Read More]
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Woman Injured in Slip and Fall Accident at GattiTown Restaurant

Posted on : July 27, 2017
Restaurant Slip and Fall attorney
Restaurants are a frequent venue for slip and fall accidents, as one Fort Bend County, TX woman learned on July 20, 2015. Cases where individuals slip and fall after floors are mopped or when unknown spills are left in restaurants are common. Business owners may be able to be held liable for injuries that occur [Read More]
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Landlord is Sued by Tenant in Slip and Fall Case

Posted on : June 6, 2017
slip and fall landlord lawsuits in Texas
On December 9, 2016, a tenant filed suit against his former landlord after slipping and falling outside his apartment complex and sustaining injuries. The Case Donald Jones, a resident of St. Clair County, IL, filed a slip and fall lawsuit against former landlord Bouse Properties. On December 14, 2014, nearly two years before the claim [Read More]
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Man Injures Leg After Slipping & Falling in Wood River Wal-Mart

Posted on : May 4, 2017
Injury in Dallas Texas
Madison County, IL has seen their share of slip and fall injuries at local Wal-Marts. We previously reported on Randall Faulkner, a patron of the establishment who had slipped and fallen in the lawn and garden area of the store. On the heels of that case comes another. A man by the name of John Coffman slipped [Read More]
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Louisiana Movie Theater Sued for Slip and Fall

Posted on : April 6, 2017
bg injury lawyers
Carver Theaters, or the Historic Carver Theater in New Orleans, Louisiana, is under fire after a patron slipped on an unclean floor. As the person exited the theater, she slipped, fell and became injured. The Case On January 18, 2017, Carolyn Schexnayder filed a lawsuit in the Orleans Parish District Court against Carver Theaters, LLC and Nationwide [Read More]
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Louisiana Woman Sues Marriott Hotel for Slip and Fall

Posted on : October 26, 2016
Slip and Falls in Dallas, TX
Slip and falls can happen anywhere, from gas stations to hotels. In fact, one New Orleans woman is bringing a suit against Marriott hotels after suffering injuries from a slip and fall that occurred on September 27, 2015. Case Facts Evelyn R. Hayes slipped on wet stairs, causing injury, at a Marriott hotel where she was a [Read More]
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Muncie Indiana Woman Files Slip & Fall Lawsuit Against Walmart

Posted on : September 25, 2016
Slip and Falls Law
Slip and falls can result in serious injuries. In fact, many people are surprised at just how debilitating and life-changing a slip and fall accident can be. One woman who understands this issue all too well is Teresa A. Witt, a Muncie, Indiana resident who slipped and fell in her local Walmart. The Case On September [Read More]
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