Patron Sues Madison County Wal-Mart for Slip & Fall

Posted on : October 31, 2017
slip and fall injury reports
On September 22, 2015, April Griffin filed a lawsuit against Valero Energy for injuries after a slip and fall. Steinhagen Oil was later added as a defendant. On May 5, 2016, the oil company filed a motion for a summary judgment in the Texas slip and …
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Grand Haven Courthouse Takes Responsibility for Icy Steps

Posted on : October 30, 2017
Icy Steps and Slip and Falls in Texas
A man in Ottawa County slipped on a step leading to the Grand Haven courthouse. He was injured as a result. In a surprising move, the court owned up to the recent misconstruction of the steps. Read more about the case below. The Case James Paggeot, a Grand Haven resident, unexpectedly encountered a slippery step [Read More]
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Dealing with An Insurance Adjuster After a Slip and Fall Injury

Posted on : October 21, 2017
Insurance Adjuster for Slip and Fall
It’s nerve-wracking to think about what you should say or shouldn’t say to the insurance adjuster after a slip and fall accident. It is strongly recommended that you think about the job that the insurance adjuster has to do before providing further information to him or her. Consulting with your own slip and fall accident [Read More]
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Most Common Causes of Trucking Accidents

Posted on : September 26, 2017
Trucking Accident Causes
What Are The Most Common Types Of Trucking Accidents? Being seriously injured in a trucking accident has the potential to change your life forever. Consulting with an attorney immediately after such an accident happens maybe the only way for you to recover the compensation you need for your medical bills. There are many different parties [Read More]
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Louisiana Offshore Oil Negligence Claim

Posted on : February 25, 2017
A man from Vermillion Parish, Lousiana, was performing his job on an offshore oil rig operated by Stone Energy Corporation, Stone Energy Offshore LLC, H&H Well Services Inc., and Wood Group PSN Inc. on August 10, 2015. On this day, George W. Yanna, Jr. was injured and permanently disfigured from piping that suddenly and unexpectedly [Read More]
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Posted on : November 26, 2016
Dallas Personal Injury
FILED TARRANT COUNTY 12/3/2014 1:10:33 PM THOMAS A. WILDER DISTRICT CLERK PLAINTIFFS’ FIRST AMENDED ORIGINAL PETITION AND REQUEST FOR DISCLOSURE TO THE HONORABLE JUDGE: NOW COME E. DI and DDI (“Mrs. DI” and “Mr. DI” and collectively, the “Plaintiffs”) complaining of Defendant CALAB, Inc. (“CALAB”), and file this, their First Amended Original Petition and Request for [Read More]
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Denton County Woman Settles Slip & Fall Case Against RaceTrac

Posted on : February 26, 2016
Texas slip and fall attorney
Late last year, on November 17, 2015, a Denton County woman by the name of Collette Phelps settled her case with RaceTrac for a slip and fall incident that occurred on November 16, 2011. Although the final settlement amount remains undisclosed, there are some key takeaways from this case. The Injury Phelps reported that she [Read More]
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