Texas CVS Pharmacy Misfill Cases: Know Your Rights

Did you know that your pharmacist has a responsibility to provide a standard duty of care to you? CVS is one of the biggest pharmacies across the United States. There are more than 7,000 CVS stores located in 41 different states.

Did your Pharmacist make a mistake?

Pharmacies and pharmacists have a duty of care to patients to dispense drugs safely. That includes giving the right medication and the proper dosage to every single patient. When there is a breach of this duty, it may be necessary to hold a pharmacy accountable by filing a CVS Pharmacy misfill case.

You may need legal assistance

A medical malpractice and pharmacy error attorney may be necessary to help you negotiate this situation. Have you been given a medication inaccurately or has your pharmacist made a mistake? This mistake may have caused you further harm and damages and you may need legal assistance.

Filing a CVS Pharmacy Misfill Case

Pharmacies are responsible for keeping a database of patient information. This database tracks dosages, prescriptions and other vital details. Pharmacists must use this data to ensure that every prescription is filled in accordance with other drugs. This includes medication that the patient took in the past or is currently taking. This can also help to prevent any dangerous situations like harmful drug interactions.  Any mistake by a CVS pharmacists can result in a CVS Pharmacy misfill case.

Some of the most common types of pharmaceutical errors include:

  • Overdose errors including situations such as the transposition of numbers
  • Under dose errors in situations in which a patient does not receive the necessary dosage of a medication
  • Poisoning due to prescription errors
  • Toxicity caused by prescription errors
  • Death by prescription mistakes

Some of the most common causes of pharmaceutical errors in CVS include:

  • Failing to have the right systems and policies in place
  • Poor pharmacist training
  • Overworked pharmacy staff
  • Reduction of staff to minimize costs
  • A failure to communicate with the doctor and the pharmacy

You may be able to recover damages in a lawsuit against CVS

If you or someone you know has recently sustained injuries due to a pharmacy’s error. The type of compensation that may be awarded to you include:

  • Damages for any resulting impairment
  • Damages for lost income that you would have earned if not for the pharmacist’s negligence
  • Lost wages due to the loss of a job or missed work due to a pharmacy mistake
  • Funds to cover medical bills associated with your injuries
  • An award to recognize your pain and suffering

If you have been affected by a Pharmacy Misfill, you are entitled professional help available.

Finding the right law firm to assist you with this situation is strongly recommended. If you need assistance, feel free to contact our office to speak with an experienced and qualified attorney: (214)580-2555