Dallas Drunk Driving Accidents

Not everyone obeys the law when it comes to refraining from operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.

DUIs are common; while some are inconsequential, or the drivers are stopped and arrested by the police before an accident can happen, other DUIs end in catastrophe.

Drunk driving accidents often cause serious injury or death to innocent drivers. It is more likely for the blameless driver to be harmed or killed in the collision than the intoxicated person.

Being injured or losing a loved one in a drunk driving accident through no fault of your own is a devastating experience.

During a time like this, when you are faced with medical bills, insurance claims and funeral expenses, you need the support of an experienced drunk driving accident lawyer.

Gregory H. Bevel and Wesley Gould understand the difficult situation you’re in and are committed to helping you to hold the person at fault for the accident responsible.

We will do everything necessary to ensure you and your family get justice and closure, as well as the possible restitution that can be awarded for injuries, loss, pain and suffering in your case.

Gregory H. Bevel and Wesley Gould are well-versed in drunk driving accident litigation and have the experience necessary to make sure you are awarded any fair compensation you may be entitled to for the hardships you endure as a result of the accident.

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