Texas Nursing Home Abuse is devastating

Nursing Home Abuse[/caption]You have taken all of the proper steps in choosing the best Nursing Home for your loved one but your job nursing home negligencedoesn’t end there. It is important to monitor your elderly loved one to ensure that they do not fall victim to abuse generic cialis online. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse is far too common and it compromises the health and well-being of any patient who suffers from it.

Under-reported Nursing Home Abuse

A vast number of disturbing stories regarding nursing home abuse have emerged in recent years. The statistics, according to National Center on Elder Abuse are astounding and that doesn’t account for the unreported cases. If you suspect that your loved one is being neglected or abused inside the nursing home,  you need to know your rights. You may be eligible to take action by filing a nursing home abuse claim after consulting with an experienced lawyer.

Baby Boomers

The expansive population of our beloved Baby Boomers has significantly increased the need for nursing home care each year. As they become more dependent on living assistance and care, they become more vulnerable. Regrettably, they do not always receive the best care.

The nursing homes frequently accept the responsibility for our most vulnerable and frail but are they providing the best care? This is even more serious in situations in which a patient has cognitive decline and may not be able to speak for themselves. When a nursing home that took payment for your loved one  has engaged in unethical or dangerous behavior, you may be entitled to receive compensation after filing a nursing home injury claim. Nursing home injuries can include:

  • Sexual harassment or sexual assault
  • Physical abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Financial abuse

Monitoring for signs of Nursing Home Abuse

One of the most important things you can do is continue to monitor your loved one’s overall demeanor. Be sure to note any changes in their perspective or their personality. Do they become uncomfortable talking around staff at the nursing home? This could be a clear indication that they may be suffering abuse. This is a serious situation that warrants your attention immediately.

Keep a close eye on your loved one and get them help when they need it

Your decision to come forward and to consult with an experienced nursing home abuse attorney may help to stop this cycle of abuse. Not only with your loved one, it may also prevent future residents from suffering a similar fate. If you believe that the staff are acting inappropriately follow your instincts. If you notice bed sores or other physical symptoms of possible abuse, you need help.

Educate yourself about the next steps to take and consult with an experienced attorney who can tell you more about whether or not you have grounds to file a nursing home injury claim. Contact our compassionate team today if you need assistance: (214)-580-2555